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posted on 03 Sep 2014 12:32 by melodicloser1227
technology gadgets for teachersThe Sphere Gadget Technologies SP9882 Lightphoria SAD Light is great for those who want a well built portable light therapy device that doesn't cost of a ton of money. It has the basic features and 10000 LUX of brightness that you expect out of any SAD light on the market. Where To Buy?

While the apps that work with the Chromecast are limited right now, Google has priced the little device low enough that it's still a smart purchase even though it doesn't support too many services. Setting up the Chromecast is easy — just connect it to your home's wireless network. Netflix, YouTube, Chrome and Hulu Plus have updated their services, on mobile and desktop, to pass content onto any Chromecast devices on the same network. While the Chromecast takes up a port on the TV and an outlet, it's quite a bit more convenient than gathering around a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Wellograph features Bluetooth 4.0 technology for wireless, effortless sync with smartphones for deeper data analysis and other social networking benefits. The app's home screen handily summarizes your week and show today's exercise score. The information is presented as easily-digestible cards. The price of this unit is a bit higher than your grocery store version but don't be fooled, this unit is worth it. Best of all GearBest is offering all Hacked Gadgets readers an 8% discount using the coupon code Anna08. Beyond simply looking at the personality and the items already owned, a technology gift guide also open the door to provide something unique and interesting. The consideration that goes into finding a unique gift is the way that it functions.

As long as motorcycles run on pneumatic tires, motorcyclists will be vulnerable to flat tires. But a flat doesn't have to deflate your ride. Stop & Go's Tubeless Puncture Pilot ($64.95) tire repair kit includes a Pocket Tire Plugger and 12V Mini-Air Compressor in a compact zippered case. The 1.7-pound kit comes with 15 mushroom-shaped rubber plugs that work on all tubeless tires. The Mini-Air Compressor has a built-in pressure gauge, LED light, 66-inch power cord compatible with Battery Tender connectors (12-inch alligator extension clips and 36-inch extension lighter adapter also included) and a 4-inch tire valve hose with sports needle and inflatable adapter.