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posted on 04 Sep 2014 20:57 by melodicloser1227
technology gadget that helps the disabledThe Knee Defender, a gadget that blocks airplane seats from reclining, got a global boost after a scuffle between two passengers forced a United Airlines jet to make an unscheduled landing last weekend.

The Pueblo City-County Library District provides gadget training across five locations. Speech Pathologist Kenneth Deffenbaugh from Saint John, likes to spend time people, Technology,Gadget and dominoes. Recently had a family journey to Humayun's Tomb.

Andrew has spent most of his time at the main Rawlings Library location, but also has visited four locations to provide training to patrons and staff. In addition to providing iPad classes and tech gadget open house events, they have a device lending program that includes iPads, e-readers, and laptops. They also provide informal one-on-one gadget training at reference desks, and staff are given training resources to support their understanding of different devices. Gadget Classes and Open Houses

The advent of 3D printing could, and likely will, change the way consumers end up with products. While free two-day shipping for a pair of shoes is certainly not a terrible deal, it pales in comparison to a couple of hours via a Makerbot. While the technology is not quite up on a par with Nike, the implications for education and product development are huge. Ford is currently developing “intelligent vehicle” technology, part of which is designed to warn you if you're traveling too close to the car in front of you. According to an NPR report , “The technology enables cars in close proximity to one another to share information wirelessly. The premise behind it is that most crashes are avoidable if drivers have enough time to react.”

This experience got me thinking about one of my favorite shows as a kid called Inspector Gadget For those of you unfamiliar with early '80s cartoons, the main theme of this show was an agent to solves problems using his technology, often yelling "Go-go gadget !" when needed. Unfortunately, his gadgets usually backfired or didn't work at all. The show's problems were usually resolved when his technology savvy niece, Penny, intervened. Rapidly changing technology — and retailer incentives — encourage Americans to buy new and better gadgets often. But even with an increasing number of options, many of us simply can't decide what to do with our defunct devices. Also check out " 25 Awesome Gadgets for $50 or Less" IO2 Heliodisplay Technology 24 () Gadget Glamour