Tech Trends From CES Gadget Show

posted on 05 Sep 2014 02:47 by melodicloser1227
technology gadgets wildstarWe certainly understand going old-school and gifting Dad a snazzy tie or something of the sort. But, why reach for the predictable when you can give pops something you know he'll actually, um, like ? Because, really, he doesn't need another argyle iteration of anything at this point.

That said, there aren't many other feature on a Kindle other than pure reading — even making marginalia notes can be a bit cumbersome — but that's probably just fine by true bibliophiles. Workplace Relationships Adviser Sal from Ayr, has hobbies and interests which include fast, Technology,Gadget and crafts. Was particulary motivated after making a trip to Esfahan.

If you want a device with more features but the same access to the Kindle library of books, you may be happier with a tablet or phone that can download Kindle apps. And if you like to read in the dark, you may want to consider the Kindle Paperwhite ($119), which comes with a lighted screen. But if you want to really dive into a good book or 20 for a good price without having to lug around a heavy tote, the Kindle is still a solid gift.

If you spend any time browsing the internet you know just as we do – it's getting harder and harder to sift through the endless fake websites when you're just trying to find the score on a particular phone, camera, laptop or just about any topic. Fortunately Google and other major search engines have recently been making some changes to their search algorithms combat this problem. But it's not enough. Enter the Mophie JuicePack, which acts as an external battery for a range of popular smartphones while also providing some protection. Users will have to charge up the case itself, but once that's done, it will provide up to 80 percent more battery life for your phone and extend your ability to talk, text, surf and stream on the go.

Physically, we hold them close to our bodies, but we also hold them close to our hearts because they are with us through many activities and special events. They may capture our most important photos or hold critical messages. Podoshen says that makes it harder to let go of those gadgets, even after they've been replaced by the latest-and-greatest smartphone. He expects tablets will follow the same trend. That kind of consumerism is at odds with a culture that has increasingly adopted a reduce-reuse-recycle mentality. But experts say there's money to be made (and decluttering to be done) if you can get past any personal attachment.